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Frequently Asked Questions

GoodGift offers an original alternative to unwanted gifts. By buying a GoodGift you multiply the value of your budget and benefit more people: not only the person receiving your gift, but also the chosen charity and the cause they advance.

Our mission is to stimulate charitable donations and to reduce useless gifts.

For example: Carry still needs a gift for Tim, today’s speaker at the company conference. She doesn’t want to buy him his fifth box of chocolates and decides to help a good cause by buying a GoodGift. Tim is delighted with his GoodGift card. He chooses the charity of his choice by entering his personal GoodGift gift code on our website. The charity will now receive the full donation amount thanks to Carry's ingenuity and Tim’s choice.

GoodGift is a non-profit initiative run by volunteers. We will always pay 100% of the donations to the intended organizations!

The person buying the GoodGift might need to pay more than the donation amount, depending on the payment method and delivery method. These charges are only there to cover our actual cost of payment/delivery, and we strive to keep these costs minimal. Building this website, processing gift payments and paying out donations are all done pro-bono!

GoodGift cannot guarantee tax reliefs for the donations through our site.

When the person buying the GoodGift has paid us in advance, and you did not choose to be an anonymous donor, we will share your name and the amount with the chosen organization.

You can contact the chosen organization and inform if they can send you a proof for tax relief, based on the list we have sent them. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be willing to do so.

Tax reliefs in Belgium
The ministry of finance offers an up-to-date list of Belgian charitable organizations eligible to hand out tax relief certificates. Their website also contains more detailed information about the regulations governing tax reliefs for charitable donations (both links are in Dutch).

GoodGift already offers a wide array of chraitable causes, so we are currently not accepting new organizations.

Of course. We operate under the assumption that charitable organizations welcome donations made through GoodGift. However, if you are the official representative of any of the listed charitable organizations and want it removed from our website, please contact us and we will duly comply with your request.